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Adj/: to give oral sex to a precession of 30 or more men in an alleyway. The semen is collected in a receptical until the last man has finished and then drank. Originated in the grenacres area of Oldham, UK.
I set a new tashing record last night of 48, can't wait to tell Nicole!
by Nathan's dad October 10, 2013
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When a woman inserts a hairbrush into various parts of her body. Occasionally, mobile phones are used for vibrating effect.
1. She's tashing herself
2. She tashes herself
by Scadding December 08, 2007
The art of writing on the Facebook wall of girls you don't know, sometimes multiple times a day.
Matt: Yo did you notice how much tashing he is doing?
Christian: Yeah, he never even talked to that girl before. Why is he writing on her wall and acting like they are friends?
by Johnny Tashhh November 05, 2007
Cheating on your girlfriend. Usually used as a secret code to other male friends when you pull a bird at the club and you are gonna get some.
Guy 1: Oi. is that Billy pulling that fit bird?!
Guy 2: Yeah, he's tashing on Shiela again...
Guy 1: Oh, seen
Guy 1: Tim's given us the signal, he's tashing
Guys: OI OI! 'Aight Tim!
by Bert Bert September 03, 2005

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