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A taba-bababuhzay who resides in the land of Long Beach, enjoys playing the role of Paige & being called sweetheart by Mr. Oleander. She has a talk show via cellular phone called AyNykai and enjoys taking long walks, eating fish, and yelling out, "Cheese Boogers!" to disturb her younger sister. She has a Cunt named April whom she & her obesity, Chris, enjoy making popcorn with in the presence of Ginger & her Lola. Tariahs are usu. described as pleasantly plump young women who parade around with their American eyes, scaring the poop out of the general public.
Example #1:
Chris: Why do you treat me like dirt.. ?
Tariah: Because.. You let me..

Example #2:
Chris: (makes yak noises)
Tariah: Weoweoweoweo !

Example #3:
Chris & Tariah: Spring Break!!
by SecretAgentNinjaWarrior March 31, 2010

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