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Legend has it, the sweet juice of the tang was molested and palled by the infamous late M.Rick Romero in plastic jugs which once housed the life juice, and replaced by gallons of Vodka and other mixtures. Used for the purpose of a cognac, The Tang Bang, as if will be referred to here on out, was primarily used in the Salt River, located near Phoenix, Arizona. As time grows and people spread apart, it has been seen located in parts of Los Angeles and Las Vegas, although currently mainly housed in the great south west party destinations. Although the exact recipe would never be revealed outside the core group, the pictures it produces apparently have . . . .
"We're going down to the Salt River, so make sure you bring some Tang Bang"

"Damn, I would have never done half that shit if it wasn't for that stupid Tang Bang."
by The Tang Bang Crew May 15, 2008
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1. Sexual intercourse involving the vagina (tang)
We smoked those 2 G's of the bubonic and then i tang banged that slut
by ABJ March 21, 2005
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The definition is simple... it is equivalent of the saying slug bug, and pt cruiser bruiser but meant for any type of mustang automobile. this great phrase/game was made by Jeremy Ross Arndt and was made to give family and friends more bruises.
look at that sweet mustang=tang bang!=@$$ face! what the hell was that for?!=it was a mustang man! chill down.
by J.R.A. July 08, 2010
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