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Tamponing is the girl version of cock blocking.
Kelly - Hey Sarah can I hang out with you and Eric tonight!
Sarah - Girl don't be Tamponing me again. I need the dick.
by Alo Gata Boots June 10, 2013
When you are being cock blocked by a female or anyone with a pussy
yo i cant believe you would be tamponing me when i was talking to that girl
by The Nite Timer August 27, 2009
The act of sucking on your (or anyone else's) tampon which you just removed from your (or anyone else's) vagina.
- Eww, look at that girl, she's sucking on her tampon.

- I guess you could call it "tamponing", right?
by Dr. Mr. Sir. X January 23, 2013
When the drawstring from one's speedo is hanging out of the leg hole while the person is wearing it, resembling a tampon string.
Dean: Eli, you're tamponing...
Eli: *Tucks string away*
by Liod Fereath January 16, 2012
The action of placing a tampon in the vagina rather than using a pad. This action must be professed and experience might be necessary.
I wasn't tamponing until I was in tenth grade.
by ifeelyya February 15, 2012
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