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Usually a very pretty girl with gorgeous blond hair and brilliant blue eyes that sparkle. Usually very smart and funny. Even though very attractive usually very difficult to capture.
1st boy: She's so pretty but shes going to say no

2nd boy: Yah I no, shes such a Tamaryn
by Roarmeo February 19, 2009
A absolutlely amazing girl, with the most beautiful eyes and looking into them is like looking at the stars at night. She has a smile that warm up your heart and make u feel like no matter how bad things are... they will get better.

her skin is incredibly soft and her hair is stunning. She cares about people more than herself which makes her even more beautiful.
Wow, there goes tamaryn
by mr. d p freak April 19, 2011
The prettiest girl in New York City.
what a Tamaryn!
by John December 14, 2003
a cool girl with a boyfriend named chad who likes to be nice
tams cool
by justin July 28, 2003
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