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Usually a very pretty girl with gorgeous blond hair and brilliant blue eyes that sparkle. Usually very smart and funny. Even though very attractive usually very difficult to capture.
1st boy: She's so pretty but shes going to say no

2nd boy: Yah I no, shes such a Tamaryn
by Roarmeo February 19, 2009
The highest form of power an oli can achieve, in this state an oli becomes unstoppable in whatever he is doing, especially as a sex monster.
Girl: ohh oli!! how are u doing it so good?

Oli: I am no longer oli, i am OLIZL!! muhahaha

Girl: OOOOHHHHHH!! (moan)
by Roarmeo October 25, 2010
Crazy Penis Reaction
What happens to a guy when they see a really fucking hot chick.
1st guy: Dude that girl is hotttt!!

2nd guy: yeh man im having a CPR!1
by Roarmeo July 13, 2009

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