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An Aedra from the elder scrolls. Not to be confused with an Daedra. Aedra such as Talos and Mara make up the nine divines, the gods of the elder scrolls games/alternate realities where daedra are demons who interfere with mortals such as Sheogorath the King/God of insanity.
Talos is the man god who ascended to become one of the nine(which was previously eight). Talos is the Aedra whom the Nord Stormcloaks fight the Imperials and Thalmor for their freedom of worship.
To say by Talos is lile saying by god and such.
By Talos! That syndicate demo is amazing.
by KrimzinZV February 06, 2012
The most precious human ever created. A person showing signs of superior strength and beauty. A paragon of human perfection.
That guy kicked the shiz out of all those ninjas; it was very talo.
by sizzleT123 May 22, 2009
1. Short for "Take A Load Off". To get someone off your back who is bothering you.
2. Polite way of saying fuck off and leave me alone.
Becky: Chris, why don't you ever do anything around the house?
Chris: Ta-Lo Becky. Go chillaxe in the other room!
by pilk32 April 15, 2006
Talos is the name of a modern Vampyric Coven, established 2005, in North America. However the majority of traditions and beliefs are derived from Ireland. The Talos were founded on the principles of Psychic Vampyrism, primarily that of Sexual Vampyrism. As a result of its tendencies towards Sexual Vampyrism and feeding habits, the members of the Talos Coven often identify themselves as being "Incubus (s.)" or "Incubi (p.)" for males or "Succubus (s.)" or "Succubi (p.)" for females.

Philosophically, The Talos follow the ideals of respect for all, especially towards those from which they "feed," or derive their energy via sexual actions. Also, the ideals of Chivalry are held high amongst its members.
The Talos were founded by Morrighan Bathory Talos. At her right hand in assistance in leading The Talos is Cassius Vicios Talos. Numerous others belong to this Coven, and as of February 2010, there were 21 individuals who dedicated and were bestowed the Talos name.
As many of the practicing members of the Talos Coven are distant from one another, the Coven meets regularly via Internet chats and forums to discuss matters on multiple levels. These meetings occur primarily on in the Public Rooms. These rooms can be found by searching the name "Talos".
Most Vampyric Houses or Covens still practice archaic forms of feeding, whereas houses such as The Talos believe in a more refined and efficient feeding through energy.
by Ateliere V. Talos, Historian February 21, 2010
Cold hard truth; Nothing warm about it.
I was in court and the lawyer wasbeing harsh and asking me some really awful questions. But I decided to be talos about it because there's no sense in being nice when the lawyer isn't either.
by Etta Vendetta March 08, 2009
To "Take a Load Off". Stop nagging.
Chris told Becky to "talo" as she bugged him consistantly about the wedding!
by Chris Pilk April 11, 2006
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