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A long T-Shirt that goes down to someone's knees, and commonly worn by people into HipHop culture.
Im be rockin' my tall tee at tha club tonight.
by Da Hoodsta Balla August 23, 2005
A long T-Shirt that runs down to your knees,and people usually into Hip-Hop wear it.
I keep myself real wit my tall tee
keepin myself gangsta,ya'll see? -Spider Loc in It Is What It Is
by GAME50 October 10, 2005
An extra long t-shirt worn by guys who are into hiphop or rap. As the name suggests, it was made for people who are tall, and worn by a tall person it looks ok. Sadly in south Texas, most males are about 5'3" so they just look like they are wearing dresses. Which, as everyone knows, is a crucial part of the gangster image.

It is also considered very stylish to leave the neon-colored "tall" sticker on the shirt, so that everyone knows you didnt wash it first.
ALSO, if the beltloops of your pants show below the bottom of your tall tee, for instance around your ankles, you are totally badass.
If your tall tee touches your shoes when you walk, kill yourself.
by wear_a_normal_shirt May 06, 2008
A long tee that goes down to your knees.
Ain't no dress, that's a tall tee.
by J Mit March 09, 2005
-A shirt with added length designed for tall people.
Most common in the South as a style of dress, originating in Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas.
"I don't wear colars, it's too hot in tha South
Tall tee'd up with the diamonds in my mouth" -Fat Bastard of DSR
by Twelv Gage July 10, 2005
A long t-shirt, reaching down to the wearer's knees.

This fashion trend originated many years ago in the poorer black neighborhoods, where families could not afford to buy new clothes, therefore younger kids wound up wearing clothes which no longer fit their older siblings and/or parents. Being several sizes too large, the shirts often reached the wearer's knees.

One of many current fashion trends derived from practices of lower-class memebers of society used several decades ago.
guy 1: Nice tall tee
guy 2: No man, i ain't got no cash for a new shirt, so i wear my dad's old one even though it looks like a woman's nightgown on me!
by Adam499 May 06, 2008
A stupid long shirt that covers more than half your entire body and usually goes down to your kness.
guy 1: hey joe look! a guy with a tall tee!
joe: wow what a fag. looks like its his moms night gown
by uKnoJames February 10, 2008
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