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1. Japanese word for Eagle\Hawk
2. Thae name of the best (and only) Naruto Fansub that provides quality subtitles even today, Naruto Fans' (including me) Godly Fansub
1. Tobi ga Taka o umu - A Hawk born from a Kite (Japanese saying)
2. Dude1: Hey, Taka has subbed and released the new Naruto episode, have you seen it?
Dude2: No, I gotta see it, thanks, man!
by LightSpawn June 14, 2010
to fuck a hot bitch
taka taka taka = fuck fuck fuck
I would love to taka that shit
by Jocko November 07, 2004
Short for takapuna
A: We're going to taka to see a movie.

B: Nah man come to the cinema in albany. It's hardcore good!

A: ok
by Pendog June 10, 2009
To quit a game of dota when there is a tiny chance of losing.

The AIM Chat Enginochat coined this phrase, in reference to their most prominent leaver, Takanaki N.
~This game sucks...

by Ellothar121 October 14, 2007
Originated in the town of Calumpit Bulacan, in the Philippines.
Taka means stupid / dumb / ignorant.
Taka ka pala e!
Sino ba yung taka na yon?
Taka ka talaga!
Wala nang mas tataka pa sayo.
Ikaw na ang pinaka taka sa earth!
by JosephP December 19, 2004
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