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Tajai comes from unknown origins but is said to mean "royalty". It is a male name mostly given to god-like african american children. Tajai would be a perfect being which causes people to love him it also causes lots of hater because they wish they where him. Tajai would be an intelligent, charismatic, and athletic person. People will often be "dick riding" Tajai because they Would like to be him. A famous person with the name Tajai is a Jamaican reggae artist, people thought he had the blood of a god in him. You will never find a Real Nigga as Trill as Tajai.
Girl one: Damn that nigga fine
Girl two: No shit that dude's Tajai

Male One: I wish I was more athletic and intelligent...
Male Two: Well sucks to suck Nigga you ain't Tajai
by ANiggaSoRoyal April 22, 2013
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