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A specific sexual act with specifically ordered steps. When a man or woman lies down, and a man or woman places plastic wrap over the face of the person, and the person who warpped up the face takes a shit on the plastic wrap, places another piece of plastic wrap on top (so as to sandwich the shit in-between 2 layers of plastic wrap upon the person's face), and then punches the plastic wrapped face of the person thus causing it to squish all over and produce the effect of a mask.
I know this fecaphile I might bang. Yeah I think it will really get her off if I give her a Tahitian face mask.
by C. Dub November 06, 2006
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When a man puts seran wrap on another person's (usually a woman)face and deficates all over it.
After a buffet meal, my girlfriend said she wanted to do something unusual, I suggested a tahitian facemask. Our relationship was never the same again, because she stunk
by Neil Cozzolino October 26, 2007
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A sexual move where the guy takes a dump on a girls face and then Saran Wraps it to her face.
I took this chick home from the bar and gave her a Tahitian Face Mask.
by Dyl-o-rama January 14, 2006
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