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A baddass , beautiful independent woman. Knows what she wants and never settles for shit. Easy to fall in love with. Smart and intelligent. Funny, the best friend a person could have EVER. Once you meet her, your addicted. Sporty, classy, amazing human being.
Saran ? yeah she bad.

I love you Saran !

Can I copy your homework Saran? Your so smart
by BaddBoyDre December 28, 2010
The most beautiful, perfect girl in the world. Cute, sexy and warmhearted, she's the best thing that could ever happen to anyone, ever.
Person 1- 'My girlfriend is so amazing'

Person 2- 'Yeh, but she's not Saran'

Person 3- (Sigh) 'I think I'll kill myself now'
by HelloBoo November 24, 2010
Famous Saran: Shriya Saran. Shriya is a famous Bollywood actress. She is an expert at singing and dancing while evading her on screen lovers. She is best known for her roll in the Boss. Not much is known about her private life, as Saran's tend to live their life indoors.

People with the name Saran prefer to stay inside for days at a time. They claim this is to tend to their pet cat or play games like WOW, Crysis, or MW. However, the real reason is their fear of of leaving their thoroughly disinfected bubbles/saran wrapped homes. Once you pass all of a Saran's sanitary checks they are reluctant to let you go. This is most likely because of the time taken to clean you up. They are intensely mundane, loyal, and loving creatures. To know a Saran is to love a Saran.

Their favorite color is secretly pink, although they will claim to like black, blue, or even grey.
- Person 1 "Have you met Saran? He/she is so hot!"
- Person 2 " You mean Shriya Saran right? She's a sexy curry beast"
- "Saran cast a spell on me, a rain spell that is. He/she wanted to make sure I showered"
- "Dude I met Saran today and he/she made me wash my hands before playing with their xbox"
by Elly cat April 25, 2011
A girl who loves dewizle or dew. She also loves zebra cakes gushers and just about every other kind of snack out there also complanes about the dranking of her soda. She is also part lesbian. D:
cracker is Sara N.
by Boarders August 19, 2011
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