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A 'Tahee' is a Milko Wrapper. First discovered in 2001 in the Prince Alfred College Assembley Hall by Jackman & Kitchin. The word spread fast and was quickly utilised in Lectures and public forums
Tahee; Noun. Pronounced 'Tar-Hee'

'Tahee' can be used in a number of different ways.

'Your a fuckin Tahee'

'I pulled my Tahee'

'What ya lookin at Tahee'

'I feel like a Tahee'

'Stick it in my Tahee'

'Well that's just Tahee'

'Hello Tahee, what's the Hagen?'

'Tahee' is also commonly used as a way of expressing feelings and emotions.'

'Oh your fucking Tahee!'

'Oh Tahee!'

'Fuck you ya Tahee'
by Peter Sellen, Channel 10 June 04, 2009

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