The beginnings of explosive diarrhea.
"Man, Taco Bell always gives me the shits, yet I keep coming back..."
by John D. eeez Nuuutz March 06, 2008
cheap alternative to laxatives
when you are constipated but broke get your ass to taco bell
by lazy9998 March 02, 2011
the best way to skip work or cure constipation. slow painfull death in the john.
Bill "i want some diareheah"
George "lets go to taco bell then."
by buttwagoneater September 24, 2007
the inventors of diarrhea
don't go to taco bell unless you want diarrhea
by jerryjackson January 19, 2007
Like the school slut, sloppy, meaty, and full of hepitits A, B, and C
taco bell sucks big meaty cock
by DizzyLizzy January 26, 2007
a fast food chain with mexican food instead of burgers and fries. ive never gotten the shits there, only really good food.
try the steak grilled stuft burrito.
by Dan January 18, 2005
The place where Rummy and Dick Cheney shoulda looked for Weapons of Ass Destruction.
Oh my God, I just ate a grilled STUFT burrito, now I'm pissing liquid uranium out my asshole and melting the porcelain of my toilet. HELP!
by The Jigga Man March 07, 2005

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