A fast food place that serves Mexican food, some of which is all the same thing but prepared different and has a different name. Used to be much better, but they changed the meat or something, now it's not as good. Still, very good fast food.

My usual is a double decker taco, a nacho cheese chalupa, and a cherry coke, because that combo owns.
I've never had diarrhea after consumption of Taco Bell, I've just got really good food.
by Ryan McGinnis January 02, 2006
God's gift to pot-heads.
And God set "let there be taco bell" and it was good...oh so good.
by Atomicgrape April 29, 2008
1. King of all fast food
2. A food so good it defeats any fear of the possible ingredients
1. All bow before Taco Bell
2. Vegetarian: "Those tacoes are made out of monkey ass!"
Tacobellian: "That's some damn good monkey ass!!"
by fatywick756 March 30, 2006
Also known as Toxic Smell. Serves a variety of fake Mexican food in which you must order at least twelve dollars worth to fill you up. Afterwards finding your self looking for the nearest shitter.
The other day I went to Toxic Smell, lost 20 bucks and a pair of underwear.
by Tzu March 02, 2005
a place to go to steal wet floor signs
hey lets go to taco bell i need a new wet floor sign
by mcdonalds theives July 10, 2008
Where weapons of mass destruction are made.
Eat at Taco Bell and you'll have weapons of mass destruction within two hours.
by Assholes Inc. September 03, 2003
The beginnings of explosive diarrhea.
"Man, Taco Bell always gives me the shits, yet I keep coming back..."
by John D. eeez Nuuutz March 06, 2008

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