A fast food restaurant that serves "Mexican" food.
Although it's food is not the greatest, none of it contains animal waste and the rice is not made with milk. I know this, because I've worked there.
If you eat this shit, even once, you are a moron, but the beef is beef, the chicken is chicken, etc..
Let's go get some Taco Bell so I can shoot liquid fire out of my asshole in 2 hours.
by Brothamandingo August 06, 2005
a chain of fast food joints where it has a manager that tells one of his employees to mix old food with fresh food and if she dosen't do it, then the manager really gets pisst
by Melyn July 05, 2003
Alternately titled "Toxic Hell." This is a resteraunt chain in which you get "just add hot water" food, and end up feeling like you just ate all of the radioactive waste from any Nuclear Plant in the world. The food is so biologically fucked up that it makes little annoying ankle-biting dogs talk.
I went to Taco Bell and damn do I feel polluted.
by TSMason May 12, 2003
Probably the most Popualar fast food joint in the Northern California region yet it gives everyone who ever eats it the shits.
Spencer: Yo I just had a huge ass burrito from Taco Bell

Matt: Dude so did I, I gotta take a shit hell bad

Ryan: Who gives a shit. I just got a PSP!
by Phil Nikumson January 02, 2007
The best tasting nasty shit you will ever eat, such as the meximelt, burrito supreme, gordita crunch and the cheesy beefy melt. Guaranteed to give you something special with your encounter with the toilet (dont be surprised if it clogs without toilet paper)
MMmm that taco bell, looks the same when the shit it out.
by Sevhakop March 19, 2008
A Mexican-American fast food franchise that most cherish until they reach an age ranging from 15-25, in which they realize that the rat food they are consuming is repulsive.
I used to love Taco Bell, but an incident at the age of 17 led me to realize that what I was consuming was not food.
by The Wonderful Wizard December 25, 2007
The Mexicans contribution to America.
I'm glad those Mexicans brought over their wonderful Mexican food, 'cause without it, we might not have Taco Bell!!11!!1!
by Shimblecrook January 25, 2009

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