The restaurant that gave me a 20-foot long tapeworm that refused to be surgically extracted from my intestine.
I should have microwaved my Taco Bell food before I ate it.
by Tony Stark May 16, 2003
Also known as Toxic Smell. Serves a variety of fake Mexican food in which you must order at least twelve dollars worth to fill you up. Afterwards finding your self looking for the nearest shitter.
The other day I went to Toxic Smell, lost 20 bucks and a pair of underwear.
by Tzu March 02, 2005
The single best place to steal sporks from.
Lets go get some sporks from Taco Bell. Maybe we can even pick up a strange disease from the food while were there!
by Freak Obscene April 30, 2004
a place to go to steal wet floor signs
hey lets go to taco bell i need a new wet floor sign
by mcdonalds theives July 10, 2008
The beginnings of explosive diarrhea.
"Man, Taco Bell always gives me the shits, yet I keep coming back..."
by undertakerfreak1127 March 06, 2008
cheap alternative to laxatives
when you are constipated but broke get your ass to taco bell
by lazy9998 March 02, 2011
the best way to skip work or cure constipation. slow painfull death in the john.
Bill "i want some diareheah"
George "lets go to taco bell then."
by buttwagoneater September 24, 2007

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