1.) Food eaten by Mexicans

2.) Forced ear sex, usually while the reciever is sleeping (penis in ear)

3.) Crude Slang for a women's vagina
1.) Hey, Juan, Tengo mucho hambre, voy a comer uno taco por almuerzo! (Hey Jon, I am very hungry and going to eat a taco for lunch)

2.) At a sleepover: "Hey Ralphie fell asleep, you two hold him down and you videotape me while I give him a taco"

3.) Hershell! Get your tounge outta your sister's taco you sick bastard!
by Tacomaster69 August 21, 2008
the best food item ever!!!!!!
person: I have a taco

Me: Your the coolest person ever!
by someonewrotethislol November 11, 2013
Delicious wonderfully fruity fruit stuff with a wonderful fruity aroma of tacos.
"GIMME DEM TACOS", yelled Fruit.
by AMG123 June 18, 2013
Originating from Mexico, the taco is a heavenly piece of food. It consists of meat and other condiments such as lettuce or cheese, wrapped up in a tortilla. Tacos are an international delicacy. Most people like tacos, and are famous all around the world.
Man: what do you call this heavenly pice of food!?
Woman: A taco.

Man: wow! They taste delicious. It is heavenly.
Woman: I know.
by Gilbert and Efran March 22, 2013
steps to "taco":
1. cut someone off while they are walking by stepping in front of them.
2. bend completely in half facing forward so that your ass is pushed against them, arms extended overhead.
3. yell "taco!"

the victim is confused and stopped abruptly.
best in the hallways, malls, games, or other public places.
Kelly: Hey Lindsey, wanna go to the mall after school?
Lindsey: Sure I'd--
Ken: TACO!
by VSpink86 October 23, 2012
A delicious mexican food filled with meat cheese etc.
Hey do you want to go to taco bell later and get a taco.
by Wagner1 September 19, 2012
When you wear your hoodie and the hood is too tight
"It's raining really hard but i'm not gonna put my hood on"

"Why not?"

"Because i'll look like a taco"
by Matyas Vad December 07, 2011
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