fantastic food
i want tacos
by Darkmember April 17, 2014
the best food item ever!!!!!!
person: I have a taco

Me: Your the coolest person ever!
by someonewrotethislol November 11, 2013
Delicious wonderfully fruity fruit stuff with a wonderful fruity aroma of tacos.
"GIMME DEM TACOS", yelled Fruit.
by AMG123 June 18, 2013
A god-sent gift from heaven.
A joy to tastebuds, and Harry Styles' favorite food.

May: I love tacos.
Anna: who doesn't?
Harry: Tac-o's!
by IronMan'SChika June 03, 2013
steps to "taco":
1. cut someone off while they are walking by stepping in front of them.
2. bend completely in half facing forward so that your ass is pushed against them, arms extended overhead.
3. yell "taco!"

the victim is confused and stopped abruptly.
best in the hallways, malls, games, or other public places.
Kelly: Hey Lindsey, wanna go to the mall after school?
Lindsey: Sure I'd--
Ken: TACO!
by VSpink86 October 23, 2012
When you wear your hoodie and the hood is too tight
"It's raining really hard but i'm not gonna put my hood on"

"Why not?"

"Because i'll look like a taco"
by Matyas Vad December 07, 2011
A word mistaken for a more common homophone by voice recognition software, which substitutes the more common spelling into the text of the dictated message. "Taco" is self-exemplary, as a homophone for "talko", a vocal analogue to the abbreviation for typographical error, "typo".
This message was dictated to my iPhone, please excuse tacos.
by mellifluousnerd October 31, 2011

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