Short for Terms And COnditions
Yes i accept the TACO.
by Taco MacArthur February 18, 2012
A girls private area. Oddly enough, it's also a food.
That girls taco tasted awesome.
by biglove June 22, 2014
when a guy moves his penis in between a girls vaginal flaps
Jen: "Jason, what are you doing?"

Jason: "I'm trying to put my meat in your taco!"
by theawesomepossumbunch May 12, 2009
A group of four unique girls meat,shell,lettuce, tomato meaning together they can do anything. they are a team as you cant make a taco with one less ingredient. They are smart fresh nice and nobody gets in their way. They are usually different ethnicities as they match the different varieties of the toppings in a taco. They are best friends and can be also called 'Fiji's'.
TACO's rule the world!
by taco girl September 29, 2012
diarreah inducing magical wraps of glory. usually purchased from chain taco restaurants made by 40 year old Mexican women.
I love tacos
by jolgames19 April 26, 2015
the best food item ever!!!!!!
person: I have a taco

Me: Your the coolest person ever!
by someonewrotethislol November 11, 2013
Delicious wonderfully fruity fruit stuff with a wonderful fruity aroma of tacos.
"GIMME DEM TACOS", yelled Fruit.
by AMG123 June 18, 2013

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