1.) Food eaten by Mexicans

2.) Forced ear sex, usually while the reciever is sleeping (penis in ear)

3.) Crude Slang for a women's vagina
1.) Hey, Juan, Tengo mucho hambre, voy a comer uno taco por almuerzo! (Hey Jon, I am very hungry and going to eat a taco for lunch)

2.) At a sleepover: "Hey Ralphie fell asleep, you two hold him down and you videotape me while I give him a taco"

3.) Hershell! Get your tounge outta your sister's taco you sick bastard!
by Tacomaster69 August 21, 2008
a thin mustash usually common of mexicans and younger teens that just began growing facial hair. also known as a "taco stash" as opposed to just "taco"
yo check out the taco on that guy, he looks straight up mex.
by M Scafetta October 22, 2007
meaning "cool" or "good" can be used in the phrase "it's all taco's baby"
t's all taco's baby
by zakmcdonald October 27, 2010
An Insanely awesome mexican snack food. It has many different ingredients. The main things that you have to have is the following. A taco shell, Taco Meat, and CHEESE! It is all so gooooood!
Vampyre: Tacos are freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!
Firefly:I know...Let's go to Krazy Tacos.
Vampyre: What do you want on your's?
Firefly: I don't know. I think I will have the normal stuff. You know. Taco shell and everything...What kind are you having Vampyre?
Vampyre: I think I am going to have your mother's. I hope your dad does not own a gun...
by XxXDieXRomanticXxX January 28, 2009
To be Tacoed, is similar to being T-Bagged only for women.

A taco can have a variety of topping such as salsa (when a girl is on her menstrual cycle), or guacamole (which is ... gross), or smell like cheese, ect....
oh damn you just got tacoed!!!!

She is gonna taco her when as soon as she passes out!!
by eeeeddddd January 03, 2008
When a man tucks his penis and testicles between his legs and prevents them from springing forward by squeezing his legs together. This is done in order to imitate a vagina. If said man were to turn around and bend over, you would have a Fruit Bowl. The Taco is the opposite of the Ram, which is achieved by pulling the testicles up and partially over the penis.
"That guy in 'Silence of the Lambs' was totally doing the Taco in front of the mirror."
by Taco Fruit Salad July 23, 2006
"dude, this weekend we are going TACO!"

"heck yea man, what other way is there?"

"I wanna go ham this weekend!"
"no dude, we only go TACO in this house"
by tacosareyum October 26, 2011

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