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An Insanely awesome mexican snack food. It has many different ingredients. The main things that you have to have is the following. A taco shell, Taco Meat, and CHEESE! It is all so gooooood!
Vampyre: Tacos are freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!
Firefly:I know...Let's go to Krazy Tacos.
Vampyre: What do you want on your's?
Firefly: I don't know. I think I will have the normal stuff. You know. Taco shell and everything...What kind are you having Vampyre?
Vampyre: I think I am going to have your mother's. I hope your dad does not own a gun...
by XxXDieXRomanticXxX January 28, 2009
4 7
The Spanish word for 'Taco'
Taco, taco, taco...That's spanish for Taco.
by Fuzzy-Wazzy April 09, 2007
14 21
Male ejaculate.
Dude, I just tacoed in my pants. Now my pants are full of taco.
by Gonzo Ortega April 28, 2010
9 17
(-verb) 1. An alternative form of defecation 2. To shit in one's sheets.
I taco'd your bed last night.
by MckGee December 11, 2009
2 10
A Ecuadorian think he knows it all
Think He knows he's hott.
Soccer Player obviously.
Calls People Kidd alot.
Goes to Arts High.
Goes along with almost aqnything
Sounds Sexy speaking spanish!
Good For you right Taco!
*He flirtatiously walks up to a girl.*
"Hey Kidd my name is Taco, wanna eat me?" ;)
*Girl smiles and he walks away.
The Bow Chika Wow Wow song plays in his head.
He thinks to himself,
" Oh yeah, She diggs me."*
by Uhmmmm...Her January 04, 2009
5 13
a chode that is 8cmx1cm filled with toppings.
its at least a roll of duct tape to support a taco
by hammy jam August 26, 2009
0 9
A girl who has a loose vagina because of to much sex
that girl has had sex so much she has a taco.
by amandaerrrrs April 21, 2008
6 15
wraping your balls around your dick making a taco shape
i gave that hoe a real taco last night
by Edub1237 May 23, 2009
3 13