wraping your balls around your dick making a taco shape
i gave that hoe a real taco last night
by Edub1237 May 23, 2009
the name of a totally awesome, and slighty retarded person. preferably mexican. a nickname given to those that say words like "word" and "yo" and "hola"
Stranger: "Ay you see that girl breaking into her own truck?"

Friend of Mexican: "Yeah, it was dat girl Taco".
by jesstac February 05, 2009
A girl who has a loose vagina because of to much sex
that girl has had sex so much she has a taco.
by amandaerrrrs April 21, 2008
A term used by people who play Ultimate Frisbee which means to bend the disc so that it's flight is unreliable and makes it wobble when in the air.
Don't step on the disc you'll Taco it.

Don't use the Frisbee as a weapon you will Taco it!
by Linnertson April 29, 2007
Has also been used in discribing gay male sex in a sublte way
He certainly puts the beef in his taco
by Connie244 June 11, 2006
the part between your balls and your butt hole; for a man.
and a women between her coochie and her butt hole! :)
Your taco is very hairy and dirty!!! :0
by idk4ever July 28, 2009
A greeting to which the proper reply is BURRITO.

An expression of awesomeness. Used to display pleasantness and overall good vibes.

An expression of intense action or extraordinary drive.
“Just TACO it.” “Let’s TACO”

Somehow related to the ninjas of Merf who fight against the forces of unpleasentness. (which is an entirely different story)

TACO is a very versatile word that can be used in place of many expressions, usually to mean great happiness. It can be used in place of many phrases leaving the exact meaning blank and replacing it with awesome and pleasentness.

“Hey TACO.”

TACO is related to BURRITO and the occasionally used BURTACO.
There meanings are all the same as TACO, but their usage is less frequent.
"What's an outrageously awesome word?"
by milokey June 09, 2006

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