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The feeling of utter discomfort one gets from a combination of eating spicy or hot food, making a torturous bowel movement, inadequatly cleansing their butt hole and or crack, and being so hot, that one sweats in the crack of their ass, causing a witches brew of catastrophic proportions in the rectal area. Taco ass can be further irritated by chafing from activity(i.e. walking,running, etc.), or chafing from being extremely fat.
Damn it, I guess I didnt wipe good enough, I have some bad taco ass!
by Samphx December 05, 2006
juicy shit that sticks in your butt cheeks after a juicy fart
man that spicy food gave me taco ass
by clark york June 10, 2008
a mexican living in the united states
a white woman and a latino woman got into an argument on the bus. the latino woman called the white woman 'raggedy ass'. the whire woman responded by calling the latino woman a 'taco ass'. the latino woman said "i'm not mexican,
i'm puerto rican".
by sister mary fuck face February 14, 2008
Taco Ass The backside of the hard or soft shelled taco in which all of the taco’s insides slide out making the effect that the taco is actually pooping out the lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat and sour cream.

“Check out Julie’s white blouse, looks like a serious case of taco ass to me!”
by ReginaandRay February 20, 2007
a mexican living in the united states
that taco ass is taking refuge at a church so she does't get deported
by sister mary February 13, 2008

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