the inventors of diarrhea
don't go to taco bell unless you want diarrhea
by jerryjackson January 19, 2007
Like the school slut, sloppy, meaty, and full of hepitits A, B, and C
taco bell sucks big meaty cock
by DizzyLizzy January 26, 2007
a chain of fast food joints where it has a manager that tells one of his employees to mix old food with fresh food and if she dosen't do it, then the manager really gets pisst
by Melyn July 05, 2003
a company that treats its employees like crap and refuses to pay decent wage while at the same time anything goes
by Merlyn June 29, 2003
Source of cheap food that causes expensive damage to your trunks when you shart yourself. If you are lucky enough to be near a toilet when your bean burrito "insta-digests", the force of the geyser of crap will separate you from the seat, shatter the porcelain, and leave your rectum singed and bloody.
Dude: Oh crap! That's my third pair of underwear I mud-butted.
Date: I'd like to go home now.....
Dude: C'mon, babe, I got us reservations at "the Bell" - BONG!!
Date (dialing cell): Mom can you pick me up at Taco Bell?
by methane king January 26, 2010
slang for laxatives
the anorexic chick took some taco bell and was shitting her guts out.
by Allanator July 10, 2011
a store that actually got kicked out of my town because the meat quality was so poor...
me: it sucks there no taco bell here
friend: you know they got kicked out because of thier meat right?
me: meh sitll worth it
by quiksliver September 29, 2006

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