Top Definition
Swanky; something of awesome nature.
After watching their favorite movie, the couple remarked, "That movie was so tabel!"
by Guestion February 17, 2011
female with small penis who enjoys playing cod whilst his parents are ALL ALONE doing certain things
that is so tabel
by !tabel! April 02, 2009
an absolute total NEWB
that tabel is such a newb
by newbus the pewbus April 05, 2009
virgin farmer who makes love to his potatoes whilst playing on his xbox
who is that leadfarmer tabel?
by LeadFarmer1919 March 05, 2009
boy who is addicted to pokemon who likes playing call of duty on his xbox whilst sucking at TABLE football - oh the irony
tabel is so rubbish at table football
by hahahaha gay tabel leadfarmer April 02, 2009
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