A silly person known to just be an all around dork. Known to be cute, hott, or sexy. People love a Tabbers. Tabbers is known to be Nice, and caring, loveable, and hopfull. Everybody loves a Tabbers.
Awe, look at that cute Tabbers.
I want a Tabbers to call my own.
Danggg, thats one sexy Tabbers.
That Tabbers Is so nice, and caring.
by tabtabissilly July 07, 2011
Top Definition
The end result in the morning after a toking session is to get the hash tray and make a tabber. A tabber is all the joints that you skoked ripped back open to get all the weed back out to make a new spliff...it may taste abit funkey but it'll get you ridding high again untill you can be arsed to more your ass back to your dealer.
first person: 'shall i re-use the baccy for this tabber?'
second person: 'you still fucked? here, have some of mine'
by Lil Andy November 09, 2006
v. A female that knows that a guy likes her and uses that fact to get free drugs, but never ever has sex with them or does any sort of sexual activity with them, no matter how much they beg her.
Guy 1: "Dude, I like this girl but she only wants to smoke with me. She never wants to have sex or even hang out unless we smoke."
Guy 2: "Yeah dude, that's because she's a tabber."
by kylafofyla March 31, 2011
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