Time Vortex - so called because the TV sucks one's time away.
We all sat down in front of the TV and one could almost feel a breeze as time sped by.
by Adel7 January 08, 2008
The worst way of using best technologies.
I've got 110 channels on my tv and there's nothing to watch.
by flatroze September 26, 2010
The root of all evil, just like Oprah, but in a smaller size.
Let's go watch tv.
Okay but not Oprah!!!
Okay let's watch Ellen.
by BobTheGuyFromMoon March 27, 2007
who the fuck said that money was the root of all evil it clearly is NOT, TV is the root of all evil. well known fact.
that fooking tv caused me a divorce cos my husband kept yelling shudup even when crap came on it!
by TV sucks February 19, 2005
Transvestite. Some escort services list them as TVTS or 'Transvestite/Transexual'
See for examples. NASTY NASTY NASTY. That's just wrong.
by EB January 28, 2005
What idiots watch if they have nothing better to do, or just don't care and are lazy. Commonly known for having nothing interesting on. If you want good viewing, go on YouTube or something. Just don't get your brains sucked out by this garbage.
Guy 1: Hey, we're gonna go to an awesome party tonight. You in?

Guy 2: Nah, I'm watching TV.

Guy 1: Fine then, whatever.


Guy 2: Durrrr.... durrrr... durrr.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
by Ghizza Gazza August 14, 2008
Short for "time vacumn", because a television —and any other devise with a screen, such as computers, portable video games, cell phones, etc.— tend to suck your time away without you noticing.
"Sorry I'm late for our wedding, honey. I sat down in front of the TV and didn't see the time pass".

"But Larry ... you don't HAVE a TV!"

"Oh, yeah. I meant my digital camera. I was taking pictures of my penis to get you hot for our honeymoon, and I couldn't stop retouching myself"
by Christopher Nisperos June 29, 2006
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