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tear up like a mother fucker
I will admit: Super 8 made me tulamf
by theryho June 13, 2011
"Teared Up Like A Mother Fucker"

Manly way to concede defeat when shedding a tear (or at least have tears welling) after hearing a saddening story or anecdote.
Watched the start of Pixar's 'UP'. TULAMF
by Man&hisdog June 01, 2011
Teared up like a mother fucker.
When I looked at the picture of a dead cat I TULAMF!
by FailNail June 01, 2011
Teared Up Like A Mother Fucker

Manly tears, like during shows of loyalty, such as in the Futurama episode of Fry's dog.
-Have you seen the episode about Fry's dog?
-I tulamf'ed
by aaronbot3000 May 30, 2011
Teared Up Like A Motherfucker
Did you see my dog sleeping on my computer after skyping with my brother whose been gone for 5 months? TULAMF.
by redditear May 30, 2011
Teared Up Like A Mother Fucker
1: What's up, man, you look like you just cut a thousand onions?
2: I just read this post on reddit about a girl with cancer and I TULAMF.
by flapjackery May 30, 2011

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