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Talk to you never
Later bitches, TTYN
by Kash.B September 16, 2008
"Talk To You Never" is most commonly used by Paris Hilton in the show Paris Hiltons My New BFF. When one of the girls would get beated off the show, she would say goodbye with a chronic "ttyn". The only difference was a time when Shelli got kicked off, she said "ttys", or talk to you soon.
"Im sorry, Kayleigh, but your just too much of a party animal for me. What would it be like to go from club to club with you hammered out of your mind?! sorry, baby. You Have To Leave. TTYN"
~Paris Hilton - Paris Hiltons My New BFF
by Miss Maniac November 26, 2008
talk to you never
i hate you,your such a bitch

Paris Hilton commonly uses it on her show "My new BFF"
by sunshine_luv October 22, 2008
talk to you never

This is what Paris Hilton would say when she told a person they had to leave on her show Paris Hilton my new BFF.
Later bitches, ttyn

I am never going to talk to you again!! ttyn!
by partygurlllllll July 20, 2009
talk to you never
quote from paris hilton: "our friendship is finished, t.t.y.n."
by Lola Ferrari February 04, 2009
by zzbabyy May 22, 2015
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