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The most amazing human being ever. So sweet and kind. There's no way anybody could hate her!
Shelli Orr.
by alyssa shannon August 25, 2008
A kickass girl that smokes shit, is fucking funny, and loves to party. Usually around a height of about 5' tall, these chicks are usually really hardcore and have a pet unicorn that can shit rainbows.
Bro 1: Dude, she is such a Shelli.
Bro 2: I know, right?! It's like she's one of the guys.
Bro 3: Exactly...DUDE! She's making out with the couch!
Bro 1: Aight Imma be honest here, this is turning me on.
Bro 2: Your mom's turning me on!
Bro 3: ...dude what the fuck is wrong with you?!
by NYANUNICORN December 18, 2011
The hottest, prettiest girl ever. Has lots of friends, everyone loves her! Tends to have boy toys
That girl is such a shelli! look at her with all of those boys, damn i wish i was a pretty as her.
by Love dovies November 28, 2011
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