This Time Tomorrow
Shall we meet ttt?
by Karmes1 February 02, 2009
Terrible Terry Tate: Office Linebacker employed at Felcher and Sons. Known for his hard hitting and great rhyming trash talk in the office. Constantly improving company productivity.
As the man who just farted in the elevator stepped off, TTT came from nowhere, took him out, then stood over him saying: "You must be out of your mind. You can't cut the cheese wherever you please. You must be out yo mind. WOOH!"
by Phil (Keuka) March 12, 2004
'Tard to 'Tard. Short for 'retard to retard'. Any direct communication between two persons of limited intellectual capacity.
Mike needed to know how many cases of beer to pick up for the NASCAR trip so he called his brother TtT.
by Sound of Crickets May 23, 2006
The Two Towers

The second book in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The second movie in Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.
Have you read/seen TTT?
by Heather February 20, 2005
T.T.T. = Trident Tropical Twist.
The worlds most delicious gum when which you eat an orange explodes in your mouth (metaphor)
"Oh no! Target is out of TTT! I guess I'll be having bad bread for a while."


"YES! I see you chew TTT!" *makes out with that person*

by GeorgeJohnson June 06, 2007

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