Internet term. Ten Ton Testicles: Used to describe something which is really manly, strong or brave. Originated on an episode of
That soldier had some TTTs to go running into the enemy spawn like that!
by w33t January 23, 2007
tired teary and traumatized

you use this TTT when you're usually in trouble or when you're expressing a feeling about something around you or describing a story.
Man, I was so drunk last night, I woke up this morning and I realized I was TTT
by sap123 January 18, 2011
Stands for "tit-to-taint", referring to the short length of sundresses worn by women during the spring and summer months.

Referred to as "Triple T"
Dude, did you see her TTT today? I had to change my pants.

I need to get a toe camera to look up that TTT.
by Idroppedapbiology2011 June 10, 2011
"The Terrible Thing" a.k.a. anal sex.
Manny thrust his swollen member into Mike with such dark intensity that Mike swore he would never engage in TTT again.
by T.R.I.C. May 11, 2011
Pronounced "Triple Tee." Short for "BNTTT," which is an acronym for "brings nothing to the table."

This phrase is useful in calling out friends who tell stories with boring endings or who provide information to a discussion that in no way improves its discourse.
Jess: "Oh.. I saw a movie once like that."
Everyone: "Thanks for the TTT"

"Sorry, I'm totally TTTing right now."

"Joe was totally TTTing in precept today."
by vassar gas passer April 05, 2010
Short for: T The Terrorist. Is TTT has his own classification and can be described as feces, genital warts and aids all in one. He believes that when he dies, he will recieve 72 virgins and that he is Christ reincarnated and we all must worship him, although is unaware that the populus of the world megaloathe him. TTT is known to be living on the penis of he who must not be named, and anyone with a penis is susceptible to the TTT virus.
I saw a TTT last night, vom as. Fucking repulsive.
by Chickensauce123 August 30, 2010
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