Short for: T The Terrorist. Is TTT has his own classification and can be described as feces, genital warts and aids all in one. He believes that when he dies, he will recieve 72 virgins and that he is Christ reincarnated and we all must worship him, although is unaware that the populus of the world megaloathe him. TTT is known to be living on the penis of he who must not be named, and anyone with a penis is susceptible to the TTT virus.
I saw a TTT last night, vom as. Fucking repulsive.
by Chickensauce123 August 30, 2010
True To Topic. When you're posting in a forum and want to return to the subject of the topic, instead of some off-topic discussion that you've answered.
"TOPIC: Do you like ham?"
"wow, this is gay. TTT: yes."
by Dramatizer April 05, 2010
acronym for: Table Tennis Time
When everyone knows it's time to hit up the ping pong table and start playing crazy asian stylee
Zach: Fool, TTT? Fool you know it's TTT.
Paki: No Fool, I'm l-l-l-li-li-lik-lik-lik-like-like-like hexma ye gi
Zach: Jigga, It's TTT
Paki: Fine, you'll probably just kill me anyway like you always do, you're hella good. I worship you
Zach: I worship your tits
by paki likes to s some d June 21, 2010
Third tier toilet, a term referring to crappy colleges for idiots.
UC Berkeley is a TTT. MIT all the way!
by I Heart XOXO September 05, 2004
The initials you give to someone who is Asian, crazy, and out going. The best way to make them smile is a hug.
Guy 1: Yo man i was at the club and danced with this awesome Asian girl.
Guy 2: Was she a TTT
Guy 1: Heck yeah. She was crazy and really out going.
by J-Cols December 08, 2009
Literally, ttt means Texting + Traveling = Tragedy. "ttt" is what you say when someone texts you while you are driving. You don't want to be rude and blow them off, so you type in ttt. In other words, ttt sends the broader message of "Hey! I'm driving right now! But I'll text you back when I've safely reached my destination." Why ttt? Basically, cause its quick and simple. It allows you to continue to focus on the road, but give a polite response simultaneously.

ttt is best used when at a stop sign, traffic light, or stopped in traffic. Although you are technically still texting while driving, it's minor. It's similar to the flu shot- you need to get a little bit sick in order to prevent getting sick for the season. With ttt, you have a text a little, in order not to text fully.
You are in the car, and your new man texts you and says "ay boo, come over and ill give you a massage."

Yes, you want to go over. No, you don't want to lose your man. But your response should NOT be "coming daddy."
Instead, it should be ttt.

That informs daddy that you are driving and will respond properly when you are done driving and the keys are out of the ignition.
Remeber Folks, THINK SAFETY!!!
by ttt-for-the-one-you-love September 24, 2009
Originally an acronym for "third tier toilet," denoting a college or university ranked at or below the third tier of exclusivity by U.S. News & World Report. The millenial private-SAT-tutor set who coined the term on internet discussion boards (notably Princeton Review) during the late 1990s -- and among whom its use remains largely confined -- considered attending a TTT to be beneath their dignity.

Usage of the noun form soon expanded to include any institution, person, locale, etc. deemed likewise lacking in prestige or desirability, particularly if owing to an association with the lower socioeconomic orders.

Adjective usage ascribes to the object the quality or state of being a TTT.
(n.) Midland County Vocational Academy of Agricultural Arts and Sciences -- that place is a TTT. I heard they don't even require any SAT IIs.

(n.) Walmart and Marquee are rancid TTTs, mostly because their patrons are TTTs.

(adj.) Carrying your shit to work in a Victoria's Secret shopping bag is very TTT; mostly fat hispanic secretaries do it.
by bugmenottt October 20, 2008

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