Acronym for Took Too Long.
Sabbu is chatting with Paula.

Sabbu - BRB :)
Paula - Waiting :)

Realizing that Sabbu has not returned for half an hour;

Paula - I thought BRB expanded to Be RIGHT Back! x-(

After 15 minutes,

Sabbu - Sorry, TTL ;)
by Nuqrah November 15, 2010
Top Definition
1. Electronics: Transistor to transistor logic
2. Networking: Time to live; the amount of time a record will remain cached.
1. Logic circuits use TTL
2. You might want to change your default TTL 128 if it's not already.
by Gary Destruction June 11, 2003
Thank The Lord
TTL i finished that essay in time
by Clever_Clogs January 05, 2009
True To Life
Internet speak as in:
Did you see that photoshop wizard on b3ta? TTL
by greybot*** August 06, 2009
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