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The Truth About The Truth. In, Jehovah's Witness speak.
J-Dubbs are whack, check out some TTATT.
by JehovahGod May 29, 2013
A sad face used by the internerd herd.

The "TT" are crying eyes and the "A" is an open mouth.

Base in manga.
Kawaii-Neko-Chan: Oh no! I lost all my manga in a fire!

xXMrsSasukeUchihaxx: NOESS! TTATT
by wSil May 11, 2010
The truth about the truth.
Do you know TTATT?
by Lady Banan August 20, 2013
Taco Tuesday at Taco Time a.k.a. the best thing in the world.
Time: 11:15/Tuesday morning
konga loser: What you doing for lunch today?
TTATT-King: Umm what do you think dude? Eating some fucking Kirkwrap supremes at Taco Time, get tha fuck out of here.

Devo: Uh, Mr. Cawood, it's Tuesday.
by Kirk Killzul December 21, 2007

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