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A sad face used by the internerd herd.

The "TT" are crying eyes and the "A" is an open mouth.

Base in manga.
Kawaii-Neko-Chan: Oh no! I lost all my manga in a fire!

xXMrsSasukeUchihaxx: NOESS! TTATT
by wSil May 11, 2010
21 5
The Truth About The Truth. In, Jehovah's Witness speak.
J-Dubbs are whack, check out some TTATT.
by JehovahGod May 29, 2013
8 0
The truth about the truth.
Do you know TTATT?
by Lady Banan August 20, 2013
0 0
Taco Tuesday at Taco Time a.k.a. the best thing in the world.
Time: 11:15/Tuesday morning
konga loser: What you doing for lunch today?
TTATT-King: Umm what do you think dude? Eating some fucking Kirkwrap supremes at Taco Time, get tha fuck out of here.

Devo: Uh, Mr. Cawood, it's Tuesday.
by Kirk Killzul December 21, 2007
3 18