Too Stoned To Ball - A situation in which one has smoked too much marijuana to enjoy sex.
X : Man, last night's party was awesome, did you get any pussy?
Y : No, I was TSTB...
by ValmontFr February 27, 2011
Top Definition
An abbreviation for 'Too Stoned To Ball'. As seen on the tv show Californication.
Duuuuuude, i am TSTB right now. I can't even get off this chair.
by im standing right behind you March 04, 2011
To stoned to bone. A acronym made popular from Californication.
Mike: You heading over to your girls
Jim: Nah, TSTB
Mike: What?
Jim: To stoned to bone.
by Some kid named Steven February 24, 2011
Too Stupid To Breathe
Marty was trying to raise some tropical fish and actually got some to hatch but they all died. They were TSTB I guess.
by vicioushemi April 27, 2010
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