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"An anonymous, invisible, imaginary person that you can blame for anything and everything you do not want to be blamed for yourself."
Person in crowded elevator: "Oh man, who cut the cheese?" You: "Don't look at me, Yahootie did it."
#yahooty #yahoody #yahoodie #yahootee #yahoodee
by vicioushemi March 14, 2010
To talk non stop about anything or nothing
Man I was in line the other day to buy a concert ticket behind this guy who was talking like a physic woodpecker.
#physic #fizzic #talking #woodpecker #physiced #fizziced #fizzicked
by vicioushemi February 15, 2010
Too Stupid To Breathe
Marty was trying to raise some tropical fish and actually got some to hatch but they all died. They were TSTB I guess.
#tstb #t.s.t.b. #too stupid to breathe #dumb de dumb dumb #too stupid to live
by vicioushemi April 27, 2010
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