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Too Stupid To Breathe
Marty was trying to raise some tropical fish and actually got some to hatch but they all died. They were TSTB I guess.
by vicioushemi April 27, 2010
An abbreviation for 'Too Stoned To Ball'. As seen on the tv show Californication.
Duuuuuude, i am TSTB right now. I can't even get off this chair.
by im standing right behind you March 04, 2011
Too Stoned To Ball - A situation in which one has smoked too much marijuana to enjoy sex.
X : Man, last night's party was awesome, did you get any pussy?
Y : No, I was TSTB...
by ValmontFr February 27, 2011
To stoned to bone. A acronym made popular from Californication.
Mike: You heading over to your girls
Jim: Nah, TSTB
Mike: What?
Jim: To stoned to bone.
by Some kid named Steven February 24, 2011