a gang in KC, tra side gangsters
Boy: You from the 30's ?
boy 2: yup
Boy: So u one of dem tsg niggas huh?
Boy2: U kno it, tra side on mines !
by Kesha101 December 20, 2009
Top Definition
The Snowgod

Glacius is the god of snow..

Poseidon: Father
Demeter: Mother
Persephone: Half Sister

TSG is the god of snow.

by Stuntacat May 04, 2006
That's so Gay - also, emphasis on "so" for additional affect.
Dude #1: Where's my car dude?
Dude #2: Dude, i parked it 4 blocks away?
Dude #1: wtf!!
Dude #2: I was running late for my manicure appointment, there was no parking spots left on your block.
Dude #1: TSG!
Dude #2: whatever.
by wallah June 26, 2006
(Tremont Street Gang)A name handed down by the police to a group of mischievious do-ers who live in a hick town and have nothing better to do than to cause mayhem with the goal of getting chased by the cops simply for fun.
Hey Speed did you hear of the Chaos that the TSG caused over on Tremont Street last night.
by TSG-STM members August 27, 2008
The Studio Girls
an amazing group of dancers that are more than best friends but a family. Whom enjoy spending majority of every second of every day together and when aren't together are missing eachother or texting eachother. Facebook statuses usually read i<3tsg
TSG performance in disney was the best experience of their life!

I <3 my TSG.

I miss tsg

With my tsg
by anGpants March 10, 2009
A CAL-i team that has one of the best players in the states, possibly the world like sunman and cbz and volcano
those tsg guys are l337
by raichu June 16, 2004
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