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ass, butt crack, butt hole, plumber crack, mooning.
<jack> This is me before joining the US navy (_._)
<jack> ... and this is me after 2 years in the navy (_o_)
by wallah June 22, 2006
That's so Gay - also, emphasis on "so" for additional affect.
Dude #1: Where's my car dude?
Dude #2: Dude, i parked it 4 blocks away?
Dude #1: wtf!!
Dude #2: I was running late for my manicure appointment, there was no parking spots left on your block.
Dude #1: TSG!
Dude #2: whatever.
by wallah June 26, 2006
You Got To Be F*ing Kidding Me
Jane opens the door and sees her husband Jack in bed with the maid and says, "yg2bfkm!!!!"

Janes Husband replies "Honey, its not what it seems"
Maid inquires curiously "whats yg2bfkm?"
Jack turn to the maid and says "You've got to be f*in kidding me, u don't know what yg2bfkm means!!!"
by wallah June 22, 2006

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