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acronym for Toxic Semen Buildup, which is what happens to you when you are not getting any for some time and your balls start to turn purple because of it **gg**

.... should make for a good excuse when your girlfriend is denying you your basic needs - but in reality, it hardly ever does. Women can be so cruel!! :-(
"Aw come on now, woman, you don't want me to get TSB, do you?!" -- "Get lost, there's no such thing!!"
by TheWizardOfLoss January 24, 2005
46 31
True story bro; A Variation to the popular "Csb" referring to: Cool story, bro.
Mike: I got anal probed by Matt and his friends last night
George: Nowai, you lie!
Mike: TSB!
by Kartilic February 06, 2010
27 14
means 'tough shit bitch' or 'tough shit biatch', depending on the mood.
"Oh my god, im well annoyed, i can't go out this weekend!"
by ma93 July 10, 2008
19 10
TSB - Tall, Skinny, Blonde. Usually generically good-looking, often achieved with extreme dieting and embracing of peroxide.
Some examples include Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan
by CapeOmnius June 22, 2009
7 4
an acronym for the phrase, "that's some bullshit!" or the alternate, "this is some bullshit."
guy - "holy shit! you're pregnant?!? TSBS!

girl - thanks for caring...
by therealthrock November 24, 2010
2 0
Turd Smoking Bastard

Someone who's breath smells of shit, usually called Richard
Richard you TSB.
Richard breathed in my face today and it stunk of shit, so I turned to my friend and called him a TSB and we all laughed hahahaha
by TTBadmanstraightottaCADCAM October 11, 2013
1 1
Text Sex Buddie
A Text Sex Buddie is usually unavailable, ie married/in a relationship, with whom you can share text porn without actually having to have an affair. Its completely acceptable in all modern day relationships! ;0)
"I'm not shagging him, his just my TSB!"
by Lou xx January 15, 2007
9 9