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Typical Sound Bastard. a term used to describe somebody who is well liked and accepted. for someone who has always been well liked, they are reffered to as a Permanent Tsb.
'omg richie is such a tsb'
by Davey143252452341342t542 February 20, 2008
one of the most well known ipswich gang, the gang consists of white boys who are built like sniffas, this particular gang is known for tagging around wulkuraka, raceview and leichardt. it can be pronounced as "the switch boiz"
oi i called the cops on TSB last night coz they tagged all over my fence with a black nicko and rolled my eight year old daughter
by Ric Payne November 09, 2007
Acronym for Tomato Sauce Brigade. A collective term for a northern English male who has a shaved head and wears a shellsuit and/or football strip from any northern division 3 clubs.

Enjoys copious amounts of tomato sauce on his chips and enjoys starting fights.
Are you soft or what mate.
by madtroll June 29, 2004
See 'scumboid' for further guidance. Generally means common person, place or event.
'Have you seen her house, it's so TSB! Tack everywhere!'
by J June 23, 2003
Talk Shit Bitches! A group of females who run their mouthes about anyone and everyone and dont really give a damn!!!!!!!( Gp) life of the party!!!
josie, santina, jenn, mari, danny,
rachel,pebble, bybee, xtina, bird, cyrina,steph..
are "TSB"
by JOSIE December 07, 2004