derived from the word tremble.
when someone is so damn ugly they make you physically sick.
mazz is trem.
also... tremmer.
what a tremmer he is!
by Fiona the fie April 15, 2006
Top Definition
Abbreviation for Tension Release Method, or the act of releasing tension by moaning while doing yoga.
Did you hear that guy TReM in downward facing dog? or People were really TReMming hard in yoga class today.
by TremMaster July 28, 2011
Short for tremendous.

Analagous to legit and legitimate
"dude, that scrum was so trem."
"Yeah man, that party was so trem"
by Daflipman & The Coon June 01, 2009
To bitch about somebody doing something that isn't really wrong for absolutely no reason and being super proud of yourself afterwards.
"SC is such a cheesedick, nobody cares what he thinks and he should stop posting. I'm awesome." <--- A classic example of a Trem.
by DirtyHarrington August 29, 2006
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