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When a group of guys get together to tickle, grope and wrestle each other.
Glen: Any plans for tonight?
Sean: Yeah, I am hosting a Tickle Fight at my place after work. want to come? Bill, Tucker and Mark will be there.
Glen: Sweet! Count me in, I love a good tickle fight!
by idolatro15 March 10, 2010
1. Last minute vacation time
2. Vacation time taken unnecessarily, often for no reason other then one does not want to work any longer.
3. Typically a small amount of vacation, usually between two and four hours.
George: "Man, I do not want to be here today...it's Friday and I have a hot date tonight"
Fred: "Why not use JJR Time?"
George: "Dude! Great idea"
Fred: "If you are leaving then no way I want to stick around and be bored by myself. I think I will also use some JJR Time!"
by idolatro15 February 19, 2010
The act of continuously feeding a dollar bill into a vending machine in hopes of getting a Coke or a Snickers.
I had to fuck the vendo machine with my ratty dollar bill for 5 minutes before it finally took it and gave me my Coke!

Some dude was in the break room fucking the vendo machine trying to get a Snickers!
by idolatro15 September 23, 2009
The office bitch who practically forces co-workers to go home if they show the slightest bit of "illness".
Jimmy Joe finally went home after the Swine Flu Monitor harrassed him for an hour after he sneezed.
by idolatro15 September 28, 2009

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