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Masturbation session.
"This party is so lame, I'm gonna go home and have a mazz."
by whatevia June 23, 2004
God like.. total beast.. highest person in society...
role model for everyone
"Yo, I wanna be just like my boy MAZZ. He's a god"
by yeahyeahyeahyeha98 November 14, 2006
Having a quick n enjoyable masturbate on the run ...
Loogz was haven a mazz!
by sjpdodson June 19, 2006
Meaning awesome, cool, amazing, ect.
That was so MAZZ
by RomeoBulldog August 28, 2010
Roughly French-Japanese origins
Female. A beautiful young woman with a curvaceous body type with noticeably large breasts. Flamboyant and colorful with an air of sophistication. Highly flirty though mostly for fun. Very fashionable and loves to cook. Very heath minded and a die hard romantic.
"The Notebook? Who even watches that anymore?"
"Mazz does, and she still cries during it."
by TheSourceOfRealms February 04, 2014
Getting one's hands up as in putting them above your head and moving them around in circles or any pattern you want
He was so pumped up for the game that he began to mazz.
by Jaynods February 24, 2008
a girl with a lot of energy. never stops moving and is very clingy in a relationship.
"did you dump that girl?"
"yeah, she was a mazz"

stop moving, you mazz. you could hurt someone
by Leacmih October 26, 2007

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