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A skate design by the Rollerblade company
TRS acess was the first TRS model.
by John Horak December 08, 2003
16 21
An abbreviation for what some would call the best band ever, The Rocket Summer.

The Rocket Summer is an indie rock/power pop/Christian rock band from Colleyville, Texas, composed of musician Bryce Avary who plays and performs all instruments and vocals. Stylistically, The Rocket Summer is characterized by the optimistic nature of his songs.

Produced one of the most epic songs ever: Brat Pack.

"Hey Slig have you heard that new TRS song?"
"Nah I haven't, play it Gabrielle…"
by Rachipagus October 15, 2008
27 8
That's really sad.
1: William Shakespeare died on his birthday
2: TRS D:
by ExiSE7EN April 07, 2010
6 1
That's right son

The act of putting someone in their place. Or said after making your point in an argument.
Person 1: Yo, Hip Hop started in the 80's
Person 2: Nah son, it started in the 70's
(After a Google search it was proven that it was started in the 70's)
Person 2: TRS
by tasteofcaramel August 30, 2013
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TrS stands for Tubby Raiding Squad
it is a organization designed for the sheer purpose of raiding Tubby's house , the "TrS" self invite themselves into the house of tubby , without tubby having any knowledge of there being there , the TrS take his food drinks , alcohol , and anything that is tangable , but also the TrS are quite good friends with Tubby despite there efforts to rob him of his food.
TrS member 1 : " TrS assemble " u noe what to do

Trs : run into the house and salvage and food that they can
by GIFFNEY August 20, 2008
6 6
Tyrannosaurus Rex Shit

TRS - T-Rex Shit, for when Bull Shit just doesn't cut it.
by slnfcliveodpvjvnddpckvjaepm August 08, 2008
6 8
Totally Really Stupid
That Anna is TRS.
Yeah, I know, right...?
by McCoolKid September 22, 2007
9 13