and organization in bloomington illinios, im a part of this, this stands 4 Tiolet and Park Patrol, we go to a park and terrorize it, its pretty fun
"holy crap!!! here comes the T.P.P!!!!" says some little kid taking a crap in the porto-potie, so here comes the T.P.P., theyre looking 4 something fun to do, they find it!!!!! they go and tip the porto-potie
by HyperLoserLTJ182 June 01, 2003
Top Definition
What you do to a girl when she does not respect you, stands for "triple pants punch" based on Kaiser's epic punch on youtube in the video "Triple Pants Face Punch."
What do you mean she didn't suck your dick? TPP that bitch!

"I TPPed her when she didn't get me my drink, like I asked... I'm worried the cops are gonna come after me."
by balbir December 15, 2009
Time-Pass Peep; opposite of BFF
Amna: You'd do my assignment, wouldnt you?

Shafqat: Umm, no.

Amna: But! Im your BFF!!

Shafqat:'re just my TPP.
by shafqat March 17, 2010
Totally Pro-Paunch

An enthusiastic chubby chaser; one who recognises a tubby tummy as an attractive feature. Used in response to fatphobia and to define a stance against waif like models.
"Patrick Stump was so much hotter when he had a belly, I can't look at him now he's skinny"

"You would say that, you're TPP"
by supercasio November 14, 2009
Tight Pussy Project. It is an association of members that are all about getting the tight pussies. When any member of the TPP hooks up or participates in sexual interaction with a TP, the entire organization feasts in celebration.
My good friend Paul hit up a really tight TP the other night, so i believe a great feast is of order with the TPP in celebration of his wonderful achievement.
by TP Master October 12, 2009
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