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Acronym for "That Others May Live." Which is the condensed version of the motto for USAF Combat Search and Rescue.

The full line is: "These Things We Do, That Others May Live."
"Man, that was a shitty mission." "yeah, TOML mate."
by Whiskey_Yankee September 07, 2011
25 4
A term used to describe when you have had an amazing/top night! You had a constant smile, in fits of laughter (FOL)and you will always remember it. TOML stands for Time Of My Life!
Last night we had pure TOML.

I want to have TOML later. I hope Holly brush's her teeth.
by Ferri Kountain February 15, 2009
26 8
Time Of My Life
Brian: Oh maan i went fishing last night, i had the toml
Patrick: Mate that's crazy!
by Bipisthebiz August 08, 2008
13 3
This describes the perfect night all key aspects to the best night. It stands for Time Of My Life! Pure excitement expressed on a persons face and LOL'in about the place.
Webber head - I had TOML with TTC last night. I reckon that Thailand whiskey Samg som helped me woop woop.

Amy B init - I had curry last night with the parents was so nice, I would say TOML.

Keith - went to kiss Holly and the breath made me feel ill it was nowhere near TOML.
by white legs founts February 26, 2009
2 8