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Generally a verbal exclamation with no relative meaning used for over focus on whatever is being said. Normally this is found within anime, which will point out a general paradox or a parody of something normally taken seriously.
Within a context with a parody:
“My name is Sesuna F. Seiei. A gundam Meister of Celestial Being. Yes, I am Gundam. NO, I WAS GUNDAM!”



Which case leads Sesuna to fly off in the sky.
by Deicard September 02, 2008
an acronym for Thinking of Her.
used when a guy cant stop thinking about a girl; usually posted in an aim profile, away message, myspace, etc. Sometimes followed by the girl's initials
wow, he must really like debby, he's had that TOH away message up all week
by K-SO17 October 01, 2006
A Verbal Exclamation
Oh no, she diint jus do dat, toh!
by Kimmie Poo March 07, 2005
|'toe'| acronym, adj. (pl. ‘TOHs’)

Short for: True Original Hipster

One does not become a TOH, but merely is. Before hipsters turned into an identifiable group of similar appearance and taste, there were the TOHs. They wear big black rimmed glasses because of poor vision and those frames are the only ones actually able to hold the lenses in. They shop at Value Village simply because money is tight at times. They wear skinny jeans because less material equals lower prices. They listen to music you never heard of, because it was theirs & their friends and you would never want to listen to it. They have counter-political ideas, because they actually do not settle for the status-quo. They CAN enjoy sports, they CAN study science, and they CAN have jobs (sometimes).
“Oh Malcolm? He’s no ordinary hipster. He already shopped at Value Village when you still thought it was an actually village."
"He's a TOH..?"
"fascinating creature, right"
by toeless January 20, 2014
Whether it be used as an adjective or noun, a toH is an attractive or 'Hot' guy often used by teenage girls. It is 'Hot' spelled backwards to be less discreet when pointing out a guy in public or basically used as a code for a hot guy. toH only applies to hot guys. There are also stages of toHs ranging from Big toHs to Pinkie toHs. (The lowercase 't' and capital 'H' is mandatory.)

Friend 1: "Oh my gosh Melanie did you see that guy I bumped shoulders with? I could stare at his eyes all day! He's so toH!"
Friend 2: "That's the guy I was telling you about! Sutab!"

Friend 1: "Locker is a toH! Ever more than Sutab!"
Friend 2: "What? More like an Undesirable! MAYBE a Pinkie toH but not as toH as Sutab!"
by Churro Train August 02, 2014
A verbal exclamation.
No you didn't just do that, toh!
by Kimmie February 16, 2005
Your sole god. Also referred to as "Jersey's Best".
And that's a fact, for the TOH hath spoken.
by TOH September 21, 2003
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