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What teenage girls (11-16) and teenage guys (11-17) use to show their lifeless immaturity, and to show how big of a loser they really are. They use aim profiles, or aol profiles to do so.
-They usualy fill it with the latest rock lyrics, which tpyicaly have nothing to do with anything in their life.. They will also put quotes which no one besdies two or three people will understand, becuase it's that retarded.
-Girls (typicaly teeny boppers) will add bright colors and use bold/strikethrough to make it look "cool". Guys will try to look hardcore by making it small black font. Which does the exact opposite.
-Typicaly people who have enough time to do this and change their profile every few hours usualy have no significant spouse, and the ones that do, usualy are the same exact way. More then likely they are not active, and sit on their butts all day gaining weight, while hanging around on aim/myspace.
These are things you might find in a typical aim profile ...

"But you always find a way to keep me right here waiting
You always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting"

Or you will usualy find some idiotic quote...

" Cindy: Lmao wtf you are so funny
Brittany: heh hah wtf I know

^that's so typical of cindy! :) "
by Franky 3. June 25, 2006
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a way for people to express themselves without boring people by acctually telling them. they dont have to read it but if they want to read it then they can and if anyone has a problem with having one, then they need to get their panties out of their ass crack
a aim profile may consist of a quote from a song movie or a quote in general
by autumn<3 April 23, 2007
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