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An acronym meaning, "Take one for the team"; playing the wing-man, which entails hooking up with a nasty chick so that your friend can score with the with the ugly girls hot friend (aka Skibber).
Oh you got with Kelly? Your so lucky I was willing to TOFT her fat friend.
by dphavoc August 23, 2008
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Noun: A girl who is not good looking enough to be hot in her own right, but that one is willing to sleep with in a desperate situation or a situation where their friend may sleep with a hot chick. Toft is an acronym which stands for Take One For the Team.
A: Bro check out those broads over there!
B: Dude those are major Tofts my friend, major Tofts.

C: So what happened last night brother?
D: Dude I had my beer goggles on, woke up beside a major Toft...
C: Ouch!
by Chimichanga13 August 30, 2010
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A really really nice rack. Literally means "Totally Outrageous Fucking Titties." Also can mean something that is incredible or unbelieveable.
Dude, you have a TOFT at your 8 'o clock

Today was Toft. I got that girl's number and had a winning lottery ticket.
by dubbzzz February 03, 2010
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To old for Twitter
'Dad, stop posting on Twitter! #toft'
by Pinkpoodles77 November 10, 2015
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